About WeGo Transportation

Who We Are?

WeGo Transportation is a privately owned entity that provides affordable and easily available local transportation services. It is committed to delivering cost-effective and quality car services to its valuable customers. Initially, WeGo Transportation was started by Jerome Levisy, a non-profit CEO who witnessed the pressures and burden that people experienced because of the unavailability of affordable transport facilities, in particular. WeGo, operating at Wake Forest, NC, is all about offering private and comfortable local transportation services to ensure that the clients have a satisfying experience.

About Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver safe, fast, and affordable riding services to customers. WeGo Transportation services ensure to make your journeys all about excitement and comfort. Notably, WeGo embraces a philosophy to be a community resource for individuals who need to engage in everyday life events away from home without the worry of how to get there.

About Our Aim

WeGo aims at providing private car transport to the people who require frequent and recurring travel. Importantly, our connections with clients, individuals, and the community are all about the establishment of our service. Clearly, we ensure each interaction and ride with responsibility, regard, and compassion. Importantly, our car services are beneficial and cost-effective.

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Professional Drivers

Our drivers are well-experienced and trained. They ensure that you fully avail a respectful and safe environment. Our large, growing base of loyal customers rely on us for nearly every important event. Moreover, from medical appointments or hospital visits to sightseeing tours, shopping excursions, outgoings, schools, and offices pick-up and drop-off, and affordable airport pick and drops, WeGo transportation ensures efficient local transportation car services. Apart from this, we offer a clean, tidy and comfortable private car transport for a maximum of four passengers at a time, with the additional facility of reservation requests.

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About Last-Minute Scheduling

The best thing about WeGo is that it is willing to provide car riding services, even when you are in an utmost emergency and need immediate bookings. WeGo, specifically, cares about your precious time and urgency. Additionally, our car services focus on getting clients to their destinations within 30 minutes. We encourage feedback from our valued clients about our transportation services, so that we may get to find out about the new and better ways of connectivity.

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Our Customers Come First

For us, your safety is essential. Monitoring has become our top priority as we want what’s best for you. The local transportation ensures to pick you up on time and drop you off safely. Also, it offers you the opportunity to select from a wide variety of incredibly advanced vehicles. With WeGo transportation services, you’ll be able to presently appreciate the opportunity of choosing your private car transport on the premise of your needs, areas, or money-related inclinations.

The Quality Services Make Us Different

Our services are available 24/7. So, you can book or reserve your private car transport and can travel comfortably. The luxurious and comforting car services provide you a perfect ride experience at low fixed rates. We only hire verified and professional drivers to move you towards your destination with safety and care. Moreover, our team of experts keeps finding ways that promote trustworthy relations and lead to more success.
WeGo transportation brings you the most reliable and safe car services, with amazing benefits for both riders and customers. Also, it is a platform that works every day to make the lives of people around it easy and spontaneous. Indeed, all mobiles working under us are tidy, clean and fully functional. Enjoy a safe drive in a clean and tidy car. WeGo transportation takes you to your destination, anytime you like, and lets you enjoy a hassle-free ride.




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